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Sex Positive World is a non-profit committed to changing societal ideas and values around sexuality through education and empowerment. Our umbrella covers all aspects of human sexuality including gender and orientation (LGBTQIA), relationship styles (monogamy-polyamory), and sexual expressions (kink, Tantra, lifestyle). We focus on consent and boundaries, safer sex practices, body-positivity, healthy touch, sexual health, reproductive freedom, trans rights, sex-positive parenting, and more. 

We charter social groups exploring what it means to embody sexual freedom as natural and healthy, where pleasure is valued and shared, self-love, respect, and healthy boundaries are encouraged, and all genders, sexual orientations and relationship styles are supported.

We produce several large retreats, fun-fundraisers, and symposiums each year, including Polytopia, Slutty Prom, Convergence (Sex Camp), and SexPosium. Check out Events.

We are a volunteer-led organization. Every donation supports research, outreach and chapter cultivation. There are currently over 7000 members in five countries.

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