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Come to the 6th Annual Sex Positive World Convergence (affectionately known by many as SEX CAMP) just 20 miles outside of PORTLAND (30 minutes from the PDX airport) for workshops, parties, swimming naked in the river, and dancing around the fire as we come out of the pandemic and into a changed world.


The theme this year is Community with a Capital C: community centered around a commitment to living differently, living aligned with each other and nature, and a commitment to each other's and the planet’s well-being.


There is room for everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated, with clear communication of personal boundaries as we roam the 40+ acres of farm and forest, collect eggs for breakfast and help to harvest dinner from an organic farm.

The main purpose of this event is community building, exploring and defining sex-positivity, sharing our visions and talents, and enjoying the fruits of our labor.


Community starts with carpooling.  It’s great if you can help pick someone up from the airport if you are coming from in town and share rides in from in town as well.


ACTIVITIES are offered by all the wonderful people coming and will include:

  • Sexy Cooking Class

  • Morning Naked Yoga (or wear what you like)

  • Guided Events (ice-breakers, sensation play, mutual masterbation)

  • Open mic storytelling/performance/poetry

  • Ecosex Exploration (nature as our lover)

  • Member-led classes and workshops (coming out of COVID, flogging, rope bondage, tantra and more)

  • Community building exercises

  • Massaging and snuggles

  • Evening Themed Parties


We support personal choice and clear, informed consent.  Come prepared to share your vaccination status, how you have limited your risk to exposure for the 10 days before this event and having pre thought out your own desired boundaries with others who are vaccinated or not vaccinated.  Maintain 6 feet from others until you have fully discussed and negotiated closer boundaries.  COVID tests are not required to attend but having taken one just before arriving could make more people comfortable to engage more fully with you.


There will be spaces for people to gather for meals and sexy play who feel most comfortable with everyone around them being fully vaccinated and places for people more open to a mix of vaxxed and not vaxxed.


Members of Sex Positive World, it's chapters and invited guests. Join us at one of our events to learn more, or checkout one of our local chapters.