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About Us

Sex Positive World is an umbrella organization that encourages and supports worldwide sex positive communities. We are a non-profit committed to changing societal ideas and values around sexuality through education and empowerment.


Our umbrella covers all aspects of human sexuality including gender and orientation (LGBTQIA), relationship styles (monogamy-polyamory), and sexual expressions (kink, tantra, lifestyle). We focus on consent and boundaries, how to have a sexy safer sex talk, body-positivity, healthy touch, sexual health, reproductive freedom, trans rights, anti-racism (yes, this is a sex positive issue!), sex-positive parenting, and more. 


From Global to Local

We also have local chapters where you can explore what it means to embody sexual freedom as natural and healthy, where pleasure is valued and shared, where self-love, respect, and healthy boundaries are encouraged, and all genders, sexual orientations and relationship styles are supported. These are a great place to connect with other sex positive people in your area and put into practice all the sexy skills we teach in our workshops. If you don’t have one where you live yet, we’re happy to help you start one! 

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Gabriella Cordova

Meet Our Founder 

Gabriella has spent the past fifteen years dedicated to the creation of a sex-positive world. Having been, at one time or other, a business person, farmer, mother, neo-tantra healer, sex worker, presenter, and event organizer, Gabriella came into possession of unique skill sets. That, combined with her hippie upbringing in Europe, bits, and pieces of formal education, and an unstoppable belief in humanity,  made her both a visionary and a person who did whatever it took to get the organization to where it is today. 

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