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Our Mission, Vision, Values

Values: Sexual/bodily sovereignty, diversity in representation and expression, the C’s (including care, consent, confidentiality, compassion, community, and collaboration), knowledge (education, awareness), egalitarianism, economic justice and accessibility, mentorship.

Vision: A world where all expressions of sexuality are respected and protected, and consensual sexuality and pleasure are seen as natural, healthy, and connecting.

Mission: To nurture local and online communities that transform cultural attitudes about sexuality by enabling educational, social, and experiential events that promote acceptance of diverse gender, orientation, sexual expression, and relationship styles, while keeping our offerings accessible and affordable.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We act as a bridge between mainstream society and the larger sex positive movement

  • We are a container that holds most aspects of the sex positive movement

  • We seek to have the greatest impact on the greatest number

  • To change the world we have to change the power structure

  • We balance safety with freedom

  • Money is never a major factor in our decisions (we are a do-aucracy, and we practice contributionism over capitalism)

  • Mentorship: we are an incubator of sex educators and change agents

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