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Our Core Classes

Thriving communities are built on common values, our core classes cover our community values around communication, consent, and conflict to create those values. Our core classes are also required for membership in most Sex Positive World chapters. We have offered at least one of our four core classes monthly online since June 2020. These classes have kept our community thriving and expanded our educational reach.


We are currently producing videos of these classes to increase access. 


Learn more about the history of the sex positive movement and how Sex Positive World got started. Find out more about the many Sex Positive World communities and events and more about what we all have in common while you add your voice to a mosaic we build together about what sex positivity is to each of us. 


Attending an orientation is a requirement before you can go to other higher level Sex Positive World events and for many of our local communities too; but it's also a great way to get to know more about building a sex positive community around you, make connections and friends, and (bonus!) it's a really great time. 

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Awesome Boundaries

At one time or another we've all said yes when we wanted to say no, no when we wanted to say yes, and maybe when we really didn't mean it. In one way or another we've pushed someone's boundaries, invaded their personal space or had ours invaded. We’ve experienced conversations or touch we didn’t want or gone in for some kind of touch without waiting, or accepted a lukewarm yes.


Whether you’ve been taught to go against your own boundaries in order to please others or to push hard for what you want, or a mix of both, this on-line workshop is a place to explore together how we each got to where we are today with boundaries and how to get to a better place in how we set and receive boundaries.

Sexy Intersections

This class helps us all think about the many power dynamics that affect us when we interact in sex positive community. This is a core class in SPW for all of us wanting to learn more about how we show up/speak up/receive feedback from others when we share space together. It’s a good space for beginners who are eager to learn as well as for experienced community members who want more tools and techniques to navigate sexy spaces well.

We'll encourage folks from all walks of life to work on perspective-taking from our privileges as well as our oppressions.

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The Pleasure Talk

This is an interactive workshop on creating safer sex and more pleasurable connections through awesome communication! 

"The Talk" has taken many forms with many names over the years, with frameworks for navigating safer sex and healthy boundaries including Evelin Dacker's "STARS" & Reid Mihalko's "Elevator Speech", among others. This class builds upon skills learned using these tools, and offers an updated framework created by and for our Sex Positive community. You can use The Pleasure Talk in your own relationships, at our events, and anywhere you find yourself in intimate connections with others.

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