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Aloha Sex Positive Travelers.  The 2024 Sex Positive World Hawaiian Vacation was our 6th Annual Hawaiian adventure. . . we returned to the beautiful island of Maui at Hale Akua Garden Farm and Eco Retreat Center.


Our time and location for our 2025 vacation is still in the works and some of the requirements may change.  In general, if the vacation described and qualifications to attend for 2024 feel like a good match to the vacation you would desire to be a part of in 2025, watch for announcements here that we are ready to accept your interest survey as a first step to be considered to participate.  All surveys will need to be in by the end of 2024 to be considered to attend by the 2025 vacation planning team and vacationers will be considered in the order surveys are received.


Vacationers will share a love of awesome boundaries, clearly leveled activities and a healthy consent culture in one warm, sunny place in the heart of the winter (dates to be announced for a week of caring and sharing) 

To be able to settle into an intimate, connected experience together, here are some of the things the vacation planning team is likely to ask of all participants:


- L3 and L4 members in good standing in our home chapters (or the equivalent experience level in other places or communities)

- fully vaccinated with the current boosters

- willingness to COVID test in advance of arriving and several days into the trip

- willing to STI test in the 30 days prior to the trip and provide the results of testing.

We tend to begin some days in morning workshops that are meant to build connections and stretch the body and mind. Some mornings and our afternoon time will be spent in free choice activities enjoying all types of Hawaiian pleasures on and off property, agreeing on a level of COVID and general health safety while on and off property.  We come together for a different themed event most evenings.

The people who do best in this environment are self responsible, communicative and care about balancing everyone's needs. This vacation is about celebrating the sexy in everyone and being willing to be some part of everyone's erotic, sensual experience, without crossing your own or other people's boundaries.  This is not a heteronormative, swingers lifestyle or monogamous gathering. Comfort with and a willingness to explore pansensuality/pansexuality and be in the presence of other people's sexual experiences regardless of gender expression allows everyone on this vacation to explore their truest self and feel accepted.


Meals during our time together often include some planned, shared meals, an ability to cook for ourselves on property as well as going out to enjoy any open restaurants and food trucks nearby. Shared meals will include adequate gluten-free and vegetarian options to accommodate both omnivores and vegetarians.  If you are vegan, you may want to supplement with your own food.

To help keep the costs down and vacation value up, everyone gives something to the experience that makes this vacation time together special, helping to prepare food or clean up, giving a little extra so others can afford to come, etc.  No one is paid to organize the event or facilitate morning gatherings or evening events. We will be sharing our knowledge and talents with each other and giving each other the space and time to be our most authentic selves.

Those of us who can afford to rent cars as part of our vacation experience make our cars available to everyone to give rides to and from the airport and to the local towns and beaches.

Last year we collected $100 – $350 per person, sliding scale, to cover group costs of event insurance, group food and supplies.  Flights from the west coast run between $250 and $600 round trip from the US mainland. Accommodation costs will depend on our location.

If you have the desire to be a part of this vacation but your funds are tight . . . we want you to be able to join us! We have funds set aside for young people active in a SPW chapter, community members who do much needed work in the world that is lower pay, our members who are part of marginalized groups and people in special circumstances.  

Due to the intimate nature of our morning gatherings and evening events, we ask that everyone remain sober enough to give and receive consent.

Everyone will have the opportunity to meet together for multiple zoom calls leading up to the vacation to discuss travel details and get to know each other better before arriving.  You must be able to make time to attend several of these Zoom calls to attend the vacation.


If this sounds like the vacation for you . . . watch for more vacation details as the 2025 vacation gets planned . . .

Other SPW events in person and on line are open to all chapter members, all levels of vaccinated for COVID or not and also to guests of members and people with of all levels of sex positive experience.  Holding this event just for people who share similar health practices and already have L3/L4 experience makes a huge difference in how the event goes for everyone who attends. We are happy to support the planning of other regional and destination sex positive vacations that offer more options for unvaccinated and L1 and L2 members and guests.   Please contact us with any interests that you have to be a part of a vacation planning team.

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