Jamie Cawelti

Executive Director 


Jamie is the organizer of Sex Positive 805 in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, on the central coast of California. She is polyamorous, queer, and kinky with a love of shibari/rope bondage. She leads discussion groups and classes on relationships of all sizes, orientations, and dynamics. Her background is in communications, video production, and marketing; check out her podcast, side projects and more at www.givenconsent.com

Dawn Woodard

Board Member

Dawn Woodard SPW.jpg

Dawn (they/them pronouns) is a queer climate scientist who was formerly the co-director of Sex Positive Los Angeles (SPLA) before moving to Washington D.C. for work. As a leader of SPLA, Dawn loved designing creative events for the community and generating educational materials to help people unlearn sex negative norms and move toward relationships and interactions focused on mutual pleasure. Dawn has been deeply influenced by their upbringing in rural Appalachia, which has given them a passion for community-building and activism. For Dawn, the sex positive movement provides a crucial paradigm shift to help us move away from the current culture of shame and scarcity when it comes to touch, love, and sex and instead towards one of abundance and joy. 

James E. Brooks

Board Member 

james e brook.jpg

James E. Brooks, Ph.D., is a faculty member in the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology at Indiana University. He has published academic articles on topics related to interracial relationships and multiracial families. He brings a critical evaluation of the impact of race on the development of multiracial relationships and is the director of Race and Relationships. He has served on a task force for the International Association of Relationship Research and Division 45: Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity, and Race of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Brooks is on the leadership team of Sex Positive Nashville and will begin research at the intersection of sex-positivity and social consciousness.

Randall Hibbard

Board Member


Having served as the Programming Director of Sex Positive Portland from January 2020-2021, Randall (he/him) developed a strong passion for documentation creation, teaching core classes, and hosting a variety of events. He has also been part of Sex Positive Nashville and brings a diverse perspective to the board through his participation in the ecstatic dance community and experience with coliving. Randall believes that systemic change is possible through education and demystifying human sexuality.

Karen Hery

Board Member & Secretary

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From 2017 - 2019 Karen and her partner, Walker O'Rourke, were part of the core leadership team of Sex Positive Portland and the primary stewards of the 2018 and 2019 Polytopia, a weekend long symposium on Polyamory co-hosted by Sex Positive World and Sex Positive Portland. In 2019 she joined the Sex Positive World board after launching the first annual Sex Positive World Hawaiian Vacation.

She helps steward two communal households, one in Portland and one in Vancouver, housing artists, healers and craftspeople from all walks of life.  She travels throughout the West Coast leading musical poetry performances and open mics and is currently on an extended travel trip around the world seeking and spreading sex positivity on her travels through Europe, the US, Mexico, Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

If you are interested in serving on the board, please write to spworldboard@gmail.com