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About Us

“I have learned to love my body with all its imperfections for the first time in my life." Jill, 38

“I came for the sex, I stayed

for the community”. Mary, 42

"Awesome Boundaries Rocks! I’ve been practicing boundary setting at work and with my family. Consent is sexy.”

Sydney, 26

“I feel safe, seen, and cared for.”

Gerald, 34

Our Story

Founded in 2009, we are a non-profit organization wnow nearly 7k members in 5 countries. Join us as a chapter member or supporting member today


Our Board

We're currently seeking to add two members to the board


Our Board of Advisors

An amazing collection of educators, healers, therapists, and activists act as advisors


Our Partners and Resources

We're happy to connect you to organizations, books, and resources to help you on your sex-positive journey


Our Inspiration

The World Health Organization's

definition of sexuality, sexual health, and sexual rights are pivotal to our mission


Our Members

Check out a gallery of some of our members who are dedicated to advancing sex-positivity (so many of our members are not yet, nor can ever be, "out" due to pervasive sex-negativity in society - were working on it!). 


“My polyamory is understood and accepted in this group. It is incredibly liberating!”

                    Byron, 48

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