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Awesome Boundaries: 

This two and half hour interactive multi-media class is suitable for high school age individual and up. We can train you to deliver this workshop, or we can come to you

STARS (the safer sex talk) by Dr. Evelin Dacker

A three-hour interactive class that prepares participants to have the safer sex talk comfortably and thoroughly. Good for high school age and up

Sex-Positive Parenting: what kids and parents need to know about gender, orientation, boundaries, pleasure, & more

Most people wait way too long to talk to their children about sex. Let us help you have "the talk"

Sex-Positive 101

Is sex-positivity all about having lots of sex? No. You can be sex-positive and asexual, sex-positive and celibate. Expand your knowledge of sex-positivity with this two-hour classroom style course

Understanding Gender in the 21st Century

Gender is one of the most complicated contested topics of our time. Is gender a construct, is it a choice, who decides?

Relationships in the 21st Century: conscious monogamy to ethical non-monogamy - the continuum

A lecture or Panel Discussion

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