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Sun, Apr 24



All Gender Kitty Cat Playshop - L2 and L3 members welcome

We had so much fun with our pet shop at the SPW holiday party that we decided to explore more kitty cat play as our Spring Fling event.

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All Gender Kitty Cat Playshop - L2 and L3 members welcome
All Gender Kitty Cat Playshop - L2 and L3 members welcome

Time & Location

Apr 24, 2022, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT



About the Event

Playfulness is a wonderful part of our sensual and sexual experiences but it can be all too easy to forget how to play. Karen and Java never forgot how to play and are all too happy to help us all remember.

So . . . come play, really play with us!  Kitty cat style.

This event starts at at noon Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern and  9pm GMT+2 and lasts for 3 hours.

We'll take communication, boundaries and well negotiated consent very seriously all throughout this playshop.  Beyond that . . . we'll be all about throwing seriousness to the wind while we get silly, sassy and slinky.

No special clothing or items are needed to enjoy this experience and, with that said, you are very welcome to have a few costume items at the ready and/or come on line right away with ears, a tail, a sexy body suit, face make up, the works.   You do you and we will love going on this journey with you.  

We'll gather at first all together in one Zoom room to set up an accepting and safe container for all.  We'll share clear guidelines on when and where nudity and pleasurable self touch and touch of others you are on screen with are allowed during this event with some specifics on what is considered an Level 2 or Level 3 interaction so all our L2 and L3 participants know what's OK to do. 

So we all have a fun set of skills, tricks and kitty cat traits to share with eachother, we'll rotate through several instructional/exploratory mini playshops led by Karen and Java that will have you appreciating and finding your groove in and around the idea and interactions of kitty cat play.

Whether you you think of yourself as a natural kitty, a kitty connoisseur (from far away or up close and personal) or someone who would like to attempt to herd all the cats, we are all going to try on the different parts of kitty cat play for size before we each settle in and pick our most preferred playshop roles in the second half of the event.

During the first half mini playshop time, you'll get a chance to be:

-  In the cat zone: Try your hand, or should we say paws, at being a cat.  We'll all be there to encourage and adore you!

-  A pet owner, if only for just a day:  Kitty's are not really known for being obedient but you can try.  What would you ask a kitty to do if you could?  What comes up for you when attempting to direct the play of others?

-  A voyeur sitting back and watching the show:  Sometimes when we are busy doing or directing we don't get to just relax and be in the moment.  See what arises in you while watching happy cats at play.

There will be a bio break after the mini playshops time and a chance for anyone to say goodbye who finds this was just enough fun and exploration for one day.  The rest of us will set up a kitty play palace.   We’ll use break out rooms and the main room, cameras on and cameras off, sound on and sound muted, to accommodate everyone’s levels, boundaries and desires in ways that keep us in our comfort zones and also help us find the sexy edges we select and negotiate.

We’ll return to the main room at the end for a closing circle appreciating everyone and sharing new awarenesses and helpful lessons learned along the way.

Everyone in attendance needs to be at least Level 2 in your home chapter  . . . or have attended Sex Positive World Orientation and Awesome Boundaries . . .  or been to SPW's Ready. Set. Go! and had the facilitators there express comfort with you attending this event.  Anyone who is L3 in your home chapter or has attended SPW's Luscious Leveling Up to L3 online will have a few more L3 playbox options for sexy play during this event that will be cleary described during the event opening circle.

THE ZOOM LINK & PASSWORD WILL BE MESSAGED TO YOU BEFORE THE EVENT once you finalize your registration and we confirm your level status.

When you complete your RSVP on the Sex Positive World website, you have the option on the SPW website of picking up your Zoom link for free or a sliding scale event contribution of $10 $20 or $30. If you can pay the full $30 please do so to help us build our local and world wide community and enable everyone else to pay what they can.

Here’s a love note to us all from Java and Karen  -

Hi, I’m Java.  I have been dancing for 10 years training in belly dance, pole dance, sensual floorwork, burlesque and twerking. Exotic movement has been my lover and my healer and I am excited to share it with you. When I’m not exploring movement in my body, I’m exploring the globe. I have been to 29 countries and 5 continents, all on a budget. I’m currently a graduate student ... finding that sweet-spot between being OUT and “acceptably professional."

As a bi/ poly/kinky/nudist/exotic dancer, there’s only so much that the world can handle. I’m sure y’all can relate. The pandemic has impacted my traveling and my schooling, but it has given me ME-TIME. And in that me-time, I have been exploring forms of animal play that bring me lots of joy.

Hi, I'm Karen.  Facilitating events for Sex Positive World being a part of everyone discovering the sexiest parts of themselves in a supportive space is a real joy for me!  I'm not the dancer Java is but that's the whole point.  I don't think we have to be any special skill level or body type or gender identity to enjoy all parts of this event.   The pandemic has limitted in person gathering and, in the process, inspired more creativity in our online lives.   I've never lost my sense of play and adventure and am happy to help us all make the most of this time together.  

So, come play along with us! Let’s explore kitty cat play and sensual self and other pleasuring together, learning to stretch and grow and be our sexy selves in the process.


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