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Thu, Jul 25


Location is given to registrants only

Convergence 2024

Come celebrate the diversity of ways we express our authentic selves while joining together in community.

Registration is by invite only
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Convergence 2024
Convergence 2024

Time & Location

Jul 25, 2024, 12:00 PM – Jul 29, 2024, 2:00 PM

Location is given to registrants only

About the Event

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for the 8th Annual Sex Positive World Convergence (affectionately known by many as SEX CAMP) with inspiring workshops, sexy parties, hot tubbing and more in Washington State.  We were just 45 minutes from the Tacoma airport and a 2 1/2 hour drive from Portland, Oregon.

2024 dates are already set . . . Thursday, July 25 - Sunday, July 28.

This event is attended by people from many sex positive world chapters and their guests, plus people who have been involved in sex positive world events but do not belong to a chapter.

To ensure that everyone in attendance already has experience in our worldwide community in some way or is an invited guest of someone who has, you must attend another Sex Positive World event first or be a chapter member to receive the link to register.  This information is posted here to let everyone know the event is happening and to provide information on how to be eligible to register.  

The link to register for Convergence 2024 has been sent out in emails from SPW to everyone who has already attended or registered to one of our other events.  The registration link will also be available in the private event postings of our active chapters.  You can reach out to us at  to ask us to check your eligibility and receive the registration link if you have attended events or are a chapter member but are having difficulty finding the registration link. 

We'll be celebrating the diversity of ways we express our authentic selves while gathering together in community, living aligned with nature, and committing to each other's and the planet’s well-being.

We will be welcoming around 80 Covid vaccinated and unvaccinated participants at this event, with clear communication of personal boundaries as we share indoor and outdoor space together. 

The main purpose of this event is community building, exploring and defining sex-positivity, sharing our visions and talents, and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

ACTIVITIES are offered by all the wonderful people coming to the event.  Every year's schedule is an ongoing work in progress built by the people who register.  Events include:

  • Sexy Cooking Class
  • Morning Naked Yoga (or wear what you like)
  • Guided Events (ice-breakers, sensation play, mutual masterbation)
  • Ecosex Exploration (nature as our lover)
  • Member-led classes and workshops
  • Community building exercises
  • Massaging and snuggles
  • Talent show performances
  • Evening Themed Parties

We all bring our talents, ideas, and enthusiasm to help make this an amazing event. What happens here is what we co-create. There will be a sign up sheet as everyone checks in, where we all take shifts on to support the workshop leaders, cooking and keeping everything humming along.


EARLY BIRDS: People coming from out of town, helping with set up or wanting a longer stay are welcome to register to arrive a day early. Lunch and dinner will be served on Thursday for everyone helping to set up and there will be an informal evening gathering on Thursday night.

All the main, organized activities start at Noon on Friday to allow people to arrive in the morning. The last event will be lunch on Sunday.


Just like years past, financial support is by donation so everyone can attend.  Our suggested contribution for 2024 is $75 to $180 per person to attend plus the cost of your meals.  Please pay what you can afford.

We ask that, even people who choose the free access option still pay $30 per lunch, dinner, breakfast combo you will be eating  ($90 if you are coming Thursday - Sunday, $60if you are coming Friday - Sunday, $30 if you can't arrive until Saturday or are staying for just one overnight earlier in the event). Meals will be served so that folks who are vegetarian and meat eaters/folks avoiding carbs all have good options.  You can bring your own food to prepare with your own gear (no access to the main kitchen.)  We highly recommend participating in the shared meals.  Shared meals are a good connecting time at this event.

To encourage more carpooling (good for the planet and better for neighbor relations), we are charging $15 in advance per vehicle brought on property or $20 on arrival.


CAMPING: Camping areas for tents, car camping, vehicles with small trailers is first come, first served and at no additional cost.  Note: There is not access to power in all areas. Large RV's may need to be parked well below the main area with a longer walk.

GLAMPING: A link will be posted in registration to enter a raffle to reserve yurts.

SLUMBER PARTY: The main gym building and main yurt will be used for activities during the day/evening and will be a crash space after evening programs are completed.  If you plan to stay in one of these areas, we recommend that you bring your own padding and are a hearty sleeper who does not often need to crash early.

There will be spaces for people to gather for meals and sexy play both indoors and outdoors.

Everyone will help prep and clean up after meals, set up and takedown, AV support, chopping wood and carrying water. This is a community offering - we're in this bed together!!! Be prepared to sign up for several volunteer shifts when you arrive.


We support personal choice and clear, informed consent.  Come prepared to share how you have limited your risk to exposure for the week before this event and having pre thought out your own desired boundaries with others.

Please be prepared to limit your exposures the week before the event  COVID test in advance of the event if you are experiencing any concerning symptoms and/or during the event if requested by the event planning team.


Your sexy sex-positive friends and beloveds over 21.  This event will be attended by people from the host property, many sex positive world chapters and their guests, plus people who have been involved in sex positive world events but do not belong to a chapter.


Can I come for just a day?

No, that's too much coming and going for us to feel like a cohesive group. Plus you'll miss out on too much and the rest of us will be sad. Two days (staying overnight at least one night or returning a second day if you are staying overnight nearby) is the shortest stay possible.

How acessible is this event for anyone who is mobility impaired?

The workshop spaces including the gym, main yurt, and community room are accessible via ramp. The main camping area, yurts, and most workshop zones are on one level on property over grass, dirt and gravel. Each yurt has one or two stairs to get inside.

Can I bring a newbie?

Yes, but only someone you know well and you will be responsible for their behavior. You can't leave them here if you leave early.  If you are a relative newbie yourself, we recommend that you don't invite someone even newer than you to then try to steward them well through the event.

Will the SPW level system apply?

Yes, there will be times and places announced for different level activities.  Opportunities will be offered to level up at the event, just for this event.  You will still need to follow leveling up steps in your own chapter/community.  The special leveling up for the event does not take the place of that for future chapter events.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, there is a meal plan available, yummy food for ridiculously little money, but you are also welcome to take care of your own food needs in your own camping area. There are limited places for cold food storage. Best to bring a cooler and ice for your own food storage.

What about drugs and alcohol?

Discreetly do what pleases you that is safe and comfortable for you and others.  Everyone needs to maintain enough sobriety to give and receive informed consent.  Do not smoke in any common areas or pathways so that others can be free of needing to breathe or try to avoid smoke where everyone is gathering.

Will I have to volunteer?

YES! We are a do-aucracy, a volunteer member organization of servant leaders who enjoy doing for others as much or more than we like receiving. We are generous, caring, sharing, and talented as fuck! We have volunteer schedule slots you can choose from, and even if you are a fancy shmancy group organizer, workshop leader, or DJ, you still have to do a shift, cooking, washing dishes, or taking out the garbage. Egalitarianism is one of our hallmarks.

Questions about attending?  Message the Sex Positive World Board at

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