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Call for Volunteers

Hello there!

I’m Jamie and I’m a volunteer for this thing we call “Sex Positive World,” and I am honored to share it with you. What’s lovely about our community is we all have a voice in how it is shaped and operates in the larger world. Over the past year a strong group of volunteers have worked behind the scenes to keep our community together with online events. Today, we need your help to keep the community moving, growing, and thriving.

It’s easier than it sounds, and any amount of time is valuable and precious. Volunteering is a great way to meet people in the community, learn new skills, and have fun doing it! It takes a village to run a community, and I’d like to ask your help in shaping this one as we continue to grow sex positivity in the world.

Our needs are diverse and we need both skilled and unskilled members willing to help with changing needs. You can find all of them on our website but we’ve listed our current volunteer openings below as well. Just fill out the linked forms or reach out to us about any of these opportunities. And If you don't see anything that's a good fit but still want to help - don't worry! There's plenty more to do that's not listed here.

We have frequent events that all need unique artwork with our branding and correct spacing margins for Wix. Ideal volunteer would have experience with Adobe Photoshop or equivalent photo editing program, comfortable with Google Drive suite and Zoom; open to direction, taking initiative and criticism well.

The Sex Positive World website is built in Wix, this is an easy to use website editing tool that powers our events, charities, information, and more. We need a Wix wizard to help with posting events to the website, or someone with a knack for learning new things, it’s a pretty simple process! If you are a wizard, we would also appreciate help with creating pages, and community


Sex Positive World manages pages, groups, and cross posts events on social media as part of outreach. Are you interested in creating online events, or posting to social media? Ideal candidate has a passion for sex positivity and has been involved with this community for a while. Responsibilities will include enforcing online standards, checking Trello for events to post and inviting members. Our current social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Fetlife.

Sex Positive World is collecting media to help teach others about our community and train others on how to start their own chapter. We’re looking for someone with the technical skills to cut these videos together as they happen.

Are you passionate to help newcomers feel welcome, and informed? Do you have a gift of creating curriculum, facilitating discussions, or a knack for PowerPoint? We have many offerings that always need new folks to take the reins, after-all we’re volunteers with limited time! Event facilitators do need to be Level 2 in SPW or in your home chapter.

We have lots of events that need to get posted in our chapters and marketed across our platforms and we are currently recruiting some more help in making this happen. Someone looking to help with this should be either familiar with or willing and able to learn Meetup and Wix.

Anyone out there willing to give an hour to build this community with me? Email your interest to, or visit tell us about you, and how you’d like to help-out! I love getting to know new volunteers personally, what drives you and what you love about this community too. I’m already excited to know you better!

Why I volunteer. . .

One of my favorite lessons learned in the sex positive community is that touch is available, if you’re brave enough to ask for it. This was significant because I felt touch deprived as a child, plus I had a sibling that was very touch sensitive! This community created beautiful safe spaces to explore both learning what I want and have the courage to ask for it.

This past year has been difficult, and regressive for my touch needs in many ways, but I’m so proud to have worked with the SPW community to continue the work online, both internationally and locally with my SP805 bunch. As we transition towards the likelihood of in-person events, we are continuing to offer online events to keep the entire community engaged, informed, and friendly.

I was introduced to the community through SPLA, I used to drive an hour or more to Los Angeles for sex positive events, munches, and classes; every single time I’d run into another lost soul from Ventura, or even farther North in Santa Barbara. Those folks became Sex Positive 805 - my friends who were just as serious about learning and living as I was. We each brought something to the table to make something local happen: I could organize; others could teach, make name tags, use a computer, or make plans. . . we built a community that has felt like home.

I cannot wait to be with you again, all together in person able to get close, embrace, and feel good.

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