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Coronavirus Recommended Best Practices

Updated: Mar 3, 2020


SexPositive World's Recommended Best Practices

Hi sexy people, this new virus looks like it could be quite a cock/pussy blocker and may also get in the way of some yummy snuggles, warm kisses, and even friendly handshakes. So, we’ve got some recommended guidelines to help you avoid getting and passing on the Coronarirus should it makes its way to our community.

1) Stay healthy – a healthy immune system is your best line of defense:

  • a) Eat Healthy, delicious, food that makes you happy, and take your zinc

  • b) Get lots of rest and exercise

  • c) Love your body, take pleasure, and

  • d) Try not to be stressed out! I know that’s not easy in these topsy turvy times, but avoid social media arguments, listening to Trump, and looking at your stocks

  • e) Don’t spend time with people who seem even the least bit sick (or are a pain in the ass). A common cold can lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to Covid-19 and other nasties!

2) Don’t go to an event, even if you have the slightest little sniffle. Better to have really bad FOMO than to get your friends sick!

3) Wash your hands more than you would at an orgy. Make it a 10x a day habit. Enjoy the feel of the warm water, the slickness of the soap, the comfort of the towel

4) Don’t suck your fingers or someone else’s. True, it’s dead sexy, but... And don’t touch yours’ or anyone else’s face, eyes (listen, we're not judging your kink) or mouth

5) Wipe down all hard surfaces including massage tables, Saint Andrew’s crosses, spanking benches, etc. with a mild bleach solution

6) Don’t share your floggers, paddles, or sex toys without washing hands and wiping down the items in between. Sorry, usually we promote sharing, but not now

7) Limit kissing and handshakes. Try to get in the habit of elbow bumps or knowing glances

8) Masks can be sexy. They have varying degrees of effectiveness, but still, leather and lace might be lovely additions to your wardrobe!

9) If you’re a smoker, stop, it’s not good for you! No cigarettes, vaping, and even good old cannabis might not be so good to smoke (eat it instead if you're going to do it)

10) Finally, no rimming or anal. We would say use dental dams or cellophane, butt (pun intended), maybe not worth the risk. This pesky bug can be found in fecal matter, anal swabs being a very reliable method for detection! Let’s don’t panic. The US and other places where we have chapters have not seen widespread infection yet, but, let’s get ready just in case, you know, the way you should always have condoms and lube handy!

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