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Let's Talk Dirty!

Marla Renee Stewart is back to teach more sexy skills to you and the SPW community! Last year she joined us to teach Outercourse and in March we'll learn all about dirty talk! Feel free to join in the conversation or sit back and listen.

Marla is best known as the organizer of Sex Down South, a conference (September 7 -9 this year) that centers Black and BIPOC sex education, empowerment, and pleasure. She is truly dedicated to getting people in touch with their body, mind and spirit. She believes in harnessing love and accepting people for who they are and where they are at in their lives. Her non-judgmental spirit speaks to people from all different backgrounds and she has the ability to get along with just about anyone.

Practicing words, power, intonation and intention, we will help you to magnify your sexual potential. We will use our creative imaginations to guide us in imagery that enhances our sexual energy and also learn ways to stimulate our hormones to achieve our sexual goals. Get ready to experience just how dirty you can get!

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