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Looking Ahead to 2023

Sex Positive World is working to make a world where pleasure is for everyone and sex negativity is a thing of the past. We offered 50 live events in 2022 with 1,145 attendees from all over the world, we'd like to reach more folks in 2023.

Our plan is to create videos of our core classes to create online classes that will support new chapter creation, and support. We will continue to offer live online classes, workshops, and events next year.

Become part of the solution, make a one time or monthly donation to help us take this next step as an organization.

Hi, I’m Jamie,

Sex Positivity has had a major impact on my life; it has helped me heal from religious upbringing that taught me to feel shame around sexual pleasure and sexism within the film production industry. Now I’m finding my own path to self love, community, and helping others overcome their own shame.

Help me grow this movement by taking the next step to help new leaders rise up by creating access to our core classes (Orientation, Awesome Boundaries, Sexy Intersections, The Pleasure Talk) over video.

This is where my skills working in the film production industry and your donations come together. By producing these videos we are making community building accessible in remote/rural locations, time-zones, and gives us the ability to reach even more people with mult-lignual closed captioning.

The World still needs more healing! Are you ready to get involved? Volunteer? Spread the word? Donate? All-the-things?

With your support Sex Positive World will continue efforts to spread inclusive sex positivity by supporting new chapter growth, mentorship, host speakers, financially support more BIPOC leadership, and welcoming in new folks to a better Sex Positive World.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!

Jamie Cawelti (she/they)

Executive Director

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