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The Lead(ership) Domino

The lead domino is the one you push over to knock down all the rest, or the problem you solve that makes all other problems easier to solve or irrelevant. SPW is an organization with a broad mission to create more sex positive communities. So, what is the lead domino to success? The answer: leadership development and access to our core classes.

Becoming a leader and community builder is possible for anyone; it also requires a diverse skill set: organizing events, finding venues, marketing, public speaking, people skills, etc. As we come out of the pandemic people have been coming forward that want to start their own chapters, or restart a chapter that lost leadership as people have shifted during the pandemic. I would like to help these folks get started. This requires standardizing SPWs common principles and practices on how to become an SPW chapter and how to effectively lead.

I am in the process of creating a 6 week masterclass that will teach those that want to start their own community how to get started and build momentum to thrive. This is based on our handbook and one-on-one training over the pandemic. We are interested in keeping leaders connected, building a core curriculum, and building more sex positive intentional communities. We’re currently building new chapters in Seattle, Salem OR, and Philadelphia in this process.

How do we help these leaders from getting burned out? We turn our live classes into videos. With the help of Jamie’s video production background and our volunteers we’re turning our core classes into video tutorials. This will allow folks from all over the world to interact with our community concepts at any time anywhere. New leaders will be able to use these to help facilitate their new chapter and help them build the confidence to teach others about the importance of consent and personal sovereignty.

Once these pieces are in place then we can truly market our ideas, and help build a more connected world that is empowered by consent. Consider donating to SPW to help us carry this mission forward. More information to come!

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