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We're Creating Better Access to Our Education

I've got great news about our goal to turn our core classes into videos. These have only been offered as live classes online with zoom, and in-person with local chapters. We want to create videos of our Awesome Boundaries and Pleasure Talk class over the Summer. This will make our classes available at anytime for anyone that can access our website! If you're interested in helping us reach that goal, please consider donating.
Jimena Alvarado teaching Sexy Intersections

I have years of professional experience as a video producer, I'm happy to have used that skillset to create professional video for our Sexy Intersections class. Creating videos of this class with Jimena Alvarado allows us to present her knowledge as a subject matter expert on anti-racism and intersectionality. You can see more of her work in social justice on her website:

We've formed a partnership with Open Signal in Portland, OR that's providing professional cameras, editing equipment, sound, and more. They're a public access media center making it all very affordable for our use.
Jamie Cawelti on TV in Portland

I took a turn in front of the camera at the Open Signal studio to speak about Sex Positive World on their program "Open Playground". I was pleased to speak with their host CatMeow about consent, community, and the work of personal empowerment through sex and body positivity.

You can see this episode live streamed online at

Channel 11: Friday, 03-31-2023 07:00 pm

Channel 22: Sunday, 04-02-2023 09:00 pm

Channel 23: Tuesday, 04-04-2023 06:00 pm

Channel 22: Saturday, 04-08-2023 07:30 pm

Channel 23: Sunday, 04-09-2023 07:30 pm

There's more to come with Sex Positive World, check out our upcoming events on Gender Affirming Intimacy, The Pleasure Talk, and DeSTIgmatizing STIs. Please let us know if there's more you'd like to see or volunteer to create with us by contacting

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