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Sex Positivity 101
Video Series

The goal is to create a series of videos throughout the chapters of SPW to educate, entertain, and inspire people that are new to sex positivity and our core concepts. These videos will give non-members a flavor of our community enticing new members to join, or at least learn something new.

Join us to help plan, or send an email to with questions. We are also accepting donations to make this happen, production isn't cheap and hiring professional talent will greatly increase production value.

The Videos

Women in Bodysuit


Sex Positivity 101

The history of Sex Positivity as a social movement and how it has changed over time. Includes the history of Sex Positive World and our mission moving forward. 


Gender 101

An informative video presentation with interviews and explanations from members that explain gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, sexual orientation, and assigned gender/sex at birth.

Colorful Couple
Women Holding Hands


Relationships 101

Relationships come in all different sizes, styles and non-traditional formats. This video will dive into non-monogamy, polyamory, swingers, intentionally single, and communal living from those that live that lifestyle in our community.


Kink 101

Our kink team steps in to teach us about how to safely explore BDSM both at home and in the dungeon scene. 



Spiritual Sexuality 101

What does a sex life look like when we invite in our spiritual self and explore pleasure without goals? Our members explore tantra, eco-sexuality and other sacred sexual practices. 


Sexy Intersections 101

How our do our identities of race, ability, gender, and more affect our self esteem and dating lives?

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