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Why are there so many limitations on pleasure?

Sex negativity has been the default of our culture for a long time; it's damaging. Limiting personal pleasure that has wider impact at a community level laddering up to a worldwide scale. It is a radical act to live in pleasure, and something we can all learn to do better. Sex Positive World is all about building the skillset, awareness, and practice of living out "Pleasure is for Everyone".

Catasha Gordon is a Certified Sexuality Educator, and she's teaching for us next Saturday. She has taught a curriculum centered around sexual confidence, knowledge and pleasure, to a predominantly black audience but all will benefit from her skill and experience. Please join us in learning the Art of Fellacio next Saturday, ticket holders get access to the recording too!

Learn more about Catasha by checking out my YouTube channel! Jamie's Given Consent is a show I created to introduce you to the people and ideas behind consent culture. Empowering you with the tools to disrupt toxic patterns, and pursue healthy desires. Catasha and I dive deep on answering the question "Why are there so many limitations on pleasure?"

I appreciated Catasha's perspective on Black sex education in Oklahoma, a very different culture than I am used to in California. If you are also interested in how sex negative culture shows up in the lives of foster kids, Black people, and those that live in a place where owning porn is illegal, this episode is for you.

See you in class, love you more

Jamie (she/they)

Executive Director SPW

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